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Mathieu Bégin   (oxygenesc)  
Corporate Health
Director of Technologies -- Oxygene Santé Corporative
Montréal, QC
Professional summary:
Oxygen Corporate Health is a thriving company that provides health and wellness programs focused on prevention.

Employees are the driving force behind your company's image and success, and their wellbeing and efficiency have a direct impact on you overall performance. The health and wellness programs of Oxygen Corporate Health benefit your organization in a number of ways by increasing performance and job satisfaction, reducing healthcare costs, and lowering absenteeism and presenteeism rates.

Tjhe Oxygen Corporate Health team is composed of numerous experts who have joined forces to provide highly specialized workplace health and wellness services. Each member shares the company's mission, vision, and values, creating a dynamic team that shares a single-minded focus on your wellbeing.

Rates:   Flat rates

Workplace:   On site Teleworking


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