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Olivier Berthelot  (oberthelot)  
Event concepts and Production, Decor, Performances
Production & Artistic Director -- Synesthesia Creations
Montréal, QC
Professional summary:
Synesthesia Creations is Collaborative network and freelancer project offering a wide range of services regarding event planning, management, bookings and immersive decor concepts. The project is unique with it's artistic and eco-responsible focus and it's desire to create a collaborative network.
With the intention of creating unforgettable memories and experiences for it's clients and participants, Synesthesia Creations is specialized in immersive and synesthetic environments (1).

1. Synesthetic Environment : from greek 'Syn' (Union) and 'Aisthesis' (Sensation), symbolizes the union of the senses. Therefor and environment where the simultaneous stimulation of multiple sense can create the experience of another sense, an emotion or an idea.

- Project management
- Event concepts
- Planification
- Logistics
- Decors, Scenery, Ambiances
- Immersive Environment
- Music, Dj, Performances, Animation, Circus
- Tech support
- Photograph
- Communication, Marketing

Rates:   Flat rates Fee of $ 50 / hourOther : willing to bargain

Workplace:   On site Teleworking


Year established:    n/a Business number:   n/a
Number of employees:    n/a Business revenue:    n/a


1) Communication & Media > Event Planning
2) Communication & Media > Production
3) Communication & Media > Other - Communication & Media
4) Graphic design, Multimedia & Arts > Multimedia Project Management
5) Graphic design, Multimedia & Arts > Music


Production and Artistic Director
January 2013 - Present

OpenMind Projects
Production and Artistic Director
January 2009 - Present


Bacc. Imagery and Multimedia
September 2006 - June 2008

Bacc. Engineering - Computer Science
January 2003 - June 2006

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