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Daniel Brisebois  (bourne74)  
Linux, Networking, system integration
D. P. Brisebois
Self-employed person, Cornwall, ON
Professional summary:
I have over 10 years experience in IT support and network administration. Solid international IT experience, having worked with customers around the world. I have done onsite work on behalf of my former employer for clients such as Interpol, Council of Europe and NATO to name a few. Varied experience with VPN technologies and the challenges of setting up remote offices over the atlantic. I am currently located in Germany, but assist a member of agentsolo with projects that require more human capital. I hold a 3 year diploma in Systems Analysis and finishing a 3 year Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. (2011 compl)

I can build windows servers or RedHat-based servers for your applications.
Installation of Apache, some basic Oracle data transfers using expdp and SQL Developer. Firewalling, NAT and DMZ building.

The scope of my work starts from hardware through to networking up to where a specialized programmer will take over on the application layer. Essentially specialized in layers 1 to 5 of the OSI model. certified PC A+ technician since 2000. Windows NT 4 certification 1999. CentOS RedHat

Rates:   Flat rates Fee of $ 79 / hour

Workplace:   On site Teleworking


Year established:    n/a Business number:   n/a
Number of employees:    n/a Business revenue:    n/a


1) Networking, Hardware & Telephony > IT Security
2) Networking, Hardware & Telephony > Networking/Telecommunications
3) Networking, Hardware & Telephony > Technical Support


Athabasca University
Bachelors Administration
3 year management degree - part time studies
September 2003 - Present

St. Lawrence College
Business Technology Info/Comm Systems
Systems Analysis diploma
September 1994 - May 1998

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